RCMP Staff Sergeant Svend Nielsen led 100 Mile House Elementary School on a march through downtown 100 Mile House today. The kids were chanting “Stop Bullying” and “No More Bullying”. Today February 27th is Pink Shirt Day. Bullying is a huge problem in our schools, workplaces, online and even at home. This is not a one-day event, everyday we need to stop Bullying in its tracks. If you see someone being bullied do something about it right, then or let someone know that will. Cyber bullying has quickly become the worst one of all with everyone being on social media and some don’t even realize they’re being a bully. Speak up for those that can’t and make everyday an anti bullying day. RF CR. #caribooradio #caribooradiostation #pinkshirtday #antibullying #cariboocommunity #caribookids #cariboofamilies #stopbullying #february27th #stopcyberbullying