Kelowna takes first place at the 2019 West Coast Blind curling Association Provincial Playdowns over the weekend. 100 Mile house White Cane Club host the event with the 4 teams that are in the association this year. This year a extra day was added to the event because of  Greyhound buses not running. Lori Fry “National Representative Canadian Council of the Blind” said “We take turns hosting blind curling in 100 Mile House every 4 years and it take about a year to get ready.” She’s looks forward to having the playdowns back again.

Lori Fry in the picture with the braille schedule for the weekend.

Final outcome below:

The final outcome from the 2019 West Coast Blind curling Association Provincial Playdowns.

The overall event appears to be a smashing success for the host team. Participants were impressed with the 100 Mile hospitality and could feel the community support.


1st Place – Kelowna

Tied for 2nd Place – Prince George & 100 Mile House, but because PG defeated 100 Mile in Draw 3, PG ends up in 2nd place.

3rd Place – 100 Mile

4th Place – Vancouver


The scoring system for this event is not based on the final scores, but rather points gathered are based on each end won as well as an additional 10 points for each win.


Kelowna will go to the National Canadian Visually Impaired Curling Championships in 2020 while PG & 100 Mile now go to the Western Blind Curling Association Championships in Kamloops March 20 – 23, 2019.


The 100 Mile blind curlers retain their position; no better or worse than in 2018 where they also tied for 2nd and ended up in 3rd as well. With only 3 players left on the 100 Mile team and using borrowed players for competition for the past 3 seasons, the team is pleased with the results under the circumstances.


In Draw 3, 100 Mile started out 3 points behind PG then tied it up in the fourth end. This tied score slipped away from 100 Mile during the second half of the game losing to PG

The final score for the 3rd draw was PG 7, 100 Mile 3.


PG & 100 Mile both had one win and two losses.